Met­al form­ing 2 (Lec­ture)

Instructors: Prof. Dr. Werner Homberg

Event type: Vorlesung

Org-unit: Maschinenbau

Displayed in timetable as: UT2

Language of instruction: German

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Premises / Recommendations:
Metal forming 1

Course objective:
This lecture gives a deepen overview of forming processes which have reached special importance within production. An insight into the basics will be given. These basics are fundamental to understand the processes and their use e.g. basics of metal forming and of material sciences. This creates a basis for the design of new procedures. The fields of application of these procedures are basically in the range of traffic engineering.

Target audience:
Students in the advanced study period of the field production technology or product development.

- Rolling
- flowting goods - nozzle procedures

- Forging - Basics

- Forging - Equipments and procedures

- Impact extrusion

- Basics deep drawing

- Deep drawing and stretch-forming procedures

- Bending

- Procedures on Laser and Plasma Machining Technology

- Profile Production
- Basics internal high pressure forming

- Manufacturing with internal high pressure forming