Spitzen­cluster „it´s OWL“

Machines learn independently, household appliances show initiative. Intelligent technical systems will change our everyday life. The Cluster „it´s OWL“ (Intelligent technical systems east Westphalian Lippe) is the brand name of the technology location east Westphalian Lippe. 174 enterprises, colleges, research centres and organisations take part in the top cluster strategy, which emerged from the Heinz Nixdorf institute. In the close alliance of economy and science 47 projects with a whole volume of about 100 million euros of product innovations and production innovations are developed. The Federal Ministry of education and research provides approx. 40 million euros for these developments. The spectrum reaches from intelligent sensors, household appliances and vehicles up to linked up systems like production plants, Smart to Grids and Cash management systems. High-tech products and production procedures which are no end in itself but to her users quite concrete advantages as regards service, reliability, security, cost efficiency and resource protection offer. Bases for the innovation projects of the enterprises are five cross section projects in which the colleges provide results of the research oriented to use for the enterprises. Besides, are covered the areas of Selfoptimization, human machine interaction, intelligent interlinking, energy efficiency and system engineering. The compiled technology platform also forms the base for the transfer in small and middle-size enterprises.