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Mechanical engineering in Paderborn

The faculty for mechanical engineering at the university of Paderborn is based on the beginnings of the engineer's school in 1963 and, with the foundation of the university in 1972, linked to additional scientific working groups. We look back at 50 years of engineer's education. The faculty of mechanical engineering is one of 5 faculties of the university of Paderborn and contributes with our more than 2,700 students and more than 700.000 € of research funds per professor clearly to our universities reputation.

Because of our size we limit ourselves to the aspects we want to perform good work at and which are important for us. Our 16 working groups co-operate together with other faculties and universities. We work on modern additive manufacturing methods at the DMRC (Direct Manufacturing Research centre), on energy turn at the KET (competence centre energy technology), on lightweight construction at the ILH (institute of lightweight construction with hybrid systems) and on intelligent technical systems at the east Westphalian top cluster „it´s OWL“. All these organizational units have successfully grown during the last years; the co-operating companies form a reliable basis for our students and us. We are convinced that qualification, enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility are basic conditions for competitiveness and for securing jobs. To provide this competence at a high level, supporting our students is very important to us: Short ways to the professors and lecturers as well as practically oriented tasks − often directly coming from our partners in the economy − mark the mechanical engineering study in Paderborn.


Sandra Walter

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


Sandra Walter
+49 5251 60-2255
+49 5251 60-3718

Office hours:

Sprechzeiten von 8:30 Uhr bis 11:00 Uhr

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