76th IIW An­nu­al As­sembly & In­ter­na­tion­al Con­fer­ence on Weld­ing and Join­ing

The "76th IIW Annual Assembly & International Conference on Welding and Joining" took place in Singapore this year. At the conference, researchers from all over the world present their results on the subject of joining in 17 different commissions over a period of one week. Both the joining of metals and plastics is considered. KTP employees Theresa Arndt and Karina Gevers were able to present their results on "Anvil-free ultrasonic welding" (Arndt) and "Heating strategies for infrared welding" (Gevers) in Commission 16 on joining plastics. In addition, the results of Christian Held on the topic of "Direct bolting of additively manufactured screw domes" were presented by Karina Gevers. The results were discussed with the experts on the subject of plastic joining and further possibilities for action were discussed. Extensive contacts with international scientists and companies were established at the conference.