Mech­an­ic­al En­gin­eer­ing in Pader­born

Since the founding of the University of Paderborn in 1972, the Universitys’ mechanical engineering program has continuously been improved as it is a center of education for a new generation of high-performing engineers as well as it commands excellent research programs; a million Euro per professor and per year for research allocations and the influential participation in two collaborative research centers are just two of various aspects to mention in order to illustrate our involvement.

In addition, complex cooperation between our departments and local companies contribute to long-term and top quality innovations for the German industry.

We are convinced of the fact that qualified employees, capacity for enthusiasm, a sense of responsibility and the ability to both, inspire and to get one’s inspiration, build the foundation for international competitive abilities and for safeguarding jobs. In order to encourage and support the development of student competences, we pay special attention to an optimal student-University relationship: professors and instructors easy to reach and practical-, real-world projects and problems – often related to our partners in the industry – are the distinguishing marks of mechanical engineering in Paderborn.