Das Unileben in Paderborn

Why Paderborn


Die Universität

Die Universität Paderborn ist eine moderne, öffentliche und offene Campus-Universität. An fünf Fakultäten studieren annähernd 20.000 Studierende (2015) in ca. 60 Studiengängen. Darunter befinden sich annähernd 10% Internationale Studierende und Austauschstudierende der mehr als 160 internationalen Partner-Universitäten.  

Das Leitbild der Universität ist die "Universität der Informationsgesellschaft". Das Leitbild schließt Internationalität und künstlerische Präsenz mit ein, da die Informations- bzw. Wissensgesellschaft globale Dimensionen hat und künstlerisches Wirken Kontrapunkt in einer eher intellektuellen Welt ist.

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Die Stadt Paderborn

The university town Paderborn is located right in the heart of Germany. In just 3 hours, you are able to reach a multiplicity of important European capitals by train or plane. In addition, many fascinating German cities like Berlin and Hamburg represent excellent day-trip opportunities. With over 1200 years of history Paderborn offers a lot of attractions, already in the inner city 20 places of interest are waiting for you. The historic town hall and the monumental cathedral from the 13th century are just some of them. Paderborn combines history and modern spirit as well as tradition and technology. Due to the computer pioneer Heinz Nixdorf, the IT industry in Paderborn grew above-average.  The city has one of the highest IT-densities of Germany and a large part of these companies are spin-offs of the University of Paderborn.


Paderborn is located in the center of northern Germany. Major German cities and destinations (Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Hannover, Frankfurt, Rhine area), can be approached within two to three hours by car or by train. More distant destinations and other European countries and capitals can easily be reached by train or by plane via the international Airport Paderborn

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