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Studying mechanical engineering at the University of Paderborn

Prospective students can choose from a wide range of different courses of studies:

  • Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor, Master)
  • Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor, Master)
  • Business Administration and Electrical Engineering (Bachelor, Master)
  • Engineering Informatics with a focus on Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor, Master)
  • Chemical Engineering (Bachelor, Master)
  • Applied Mechatronics (Master)
  • Engineering Technology (Teaching Position Vocational Schools; Bachelor, Master) 
  • “ with a small vocational subject
  • Professional Education Mechanical Engineering (Master)

As a mechanical engineer you will create technical products that produce, convey, help and protect as their main functions. The solutions are based on knowledge and abilities from the areas of Natural sciences and technology. In addition, the developments of necessary manufacturing processes play a big role. You need the ability to develop solutions for technical tasks and also to co-operate interdisciplinary among departmental borders, enterprise borders and professional borders.

As an economic engineer you will concentrate yourself in particular on subjects of the economic-scientific area. The occupation is characterized by the abilities of interdisciplinary cooperation and comprehensive strategical thinking. Economic engineers recognise products for the future markets and create necessary business operations. In a simultaneous study programe engineer-scientific and economic-scientific fields are taught in parallel.

Both courses of studies require and support the inventive spirit, individual initiative, comprehensive thinking, motivation and communication skills.

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