The bachelor degree course lasts up to six semesters and is divided into two periods: Basic studies(1st -4th semester) and in-depth studies. During the basic studies the necessary scientific and technical basics are taught in Compulsory Modules with a scope of overall 120 LP following the dem European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). 1 ECTS-point equals a medium workload of 30 hours, which means 900 hours in half a year. The in-depth studies (5th -6th semester) offer far-reaching options and consist of two mandatory modules, a base module, an Optional Compulsory Module, the extracurricular studies, a project seminar and the bachelor's thesis. The bachelor’s thesis is to be done during the in-depth studies in a scope of a maximum of 20 weeks. A bachelor’s thesis defense within a colloquium is an integral part here.

The following chart shows an overview of all contents of the Bachelor’s Degree Course:

Bachelor Study Schedule

The Bachelor study schedule can be found here.