The bachelor degree course focuses on technical and economical basic courses and is completed with practically economical and engineering courses. It conveys skills to recognize engineering and industrial problems, skills to choose the right methods for a good solution and to apply them professionally. Bachelor graduates are trained for a scientifically soand occupation on selected fields of mechanical/ Electrical Engineering and business administration. Beyond that, a further qualification with a following master degree course is possible.

The bachelor degree course is offered in the following branches of study: industrial /Mechanical Engineering (WING - MB) and industrial/ Electrical Engineering (WING – ET).

The bachelor degree course lasts up to six semesters and is divided into two periods: Basic studies and in-depth studies. During the basic studies (1st -4th semester) the necessary scientific and technical basics are taught. It encompasses a total of 120 credit points (ECTS). The in-depth studies (5th -6th semester) offer far-reaching options and consist of two mandatory modules, a base module, an optional compulsory module, the extracurricular studies, a project seminar and the bachelor's thesis. It encompasses a total of 60 credit points (ECTS).

The bachelor degree course consists of 6 semesters prescribed in order o complete it. 

The Bachelor’s Degree covers a standard period of study of 6 semesters and is completed with the bachelor thesis.