Bachelor’s Degree

An internship with an amount of 12 weeks is intended to be an admission requirement for the Bachelor’s Degree. Together with your enrolment documents you will receive a document that allows you to register even without a completed internship. However, you then need to prove your internship not later than to the point you register your bachelor thesis. Further information can be found in internship regulations.


Bachelor’s Degree students need to prove an internship in at least three of the following work areas with a workload of at least two weeks in each case:

  • Development / construction
  • Manufacturing and production planning and production control
  • Cut manufacturing methods (e.g.: Sawing, filing, reaming, bumping, etc.)
  • No-cut manufacturing method (prototypes, transforming, eroding, coating, hardening, glowing, adding (however, no assembling!))
  • Assembling
  • Company of machines and constructions
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Quality assurance
  • Technical purchase / procurement, technical distribution

We recommend completing a part of your internship abroad, as it will allow you to be prepared for future demands on global, international markets. The International Office provides information on financial support for training periods abroad.

The prescribed internship times are to be considered as a minimum. We recommend doing further vocational internships (up to 10 weeks).

After finishing your internship, you will be handed out a certificate for approval. Furthermore, you have to write working reports about your tasks and activities during the whole training period.

For approval you need to submit an internship certificate that is to be issued by the internship company. Kind and duration of the internship shall be evident from it. Furthermore, the trainee has to write work reports about the work carried out.

For one week of internship you should at least be able to write about one page. Your internship supervisor of faculty for Engineering or  faculty for electrical Engineering, informatics and mathematics will decide in terms of the approval.

In general, a finished apprenticeship in the field of mechanical/ Electrical Engineering or a commercial apprenticeship are approved as an internship.