Guidance for frequently requests

Here, frequently asked questions to the course guidance shall be answered in detail.

The performances were achieved at an other University:

You need the Creditingform for test performances. In the header you need to enter your personal data and the course of studies where you got your credits. Then you need to check your Exam regulations of your new course of studies in order to check which test performances you already achieved can be credited. To a successful crediting your test performances should be equal. In case of any questions the Course guidance may help you. All performances you wish to credit need to be entered on the left side of the chart. Do not forget to mention the gained credits (ECTS). Now you may get your performances acknowledged. Please submit a certified proof of performance. If a performance is not credited, please cross it out. Sign the Creditingform and submit it to the Audit Committee.

The performances were achieved in another in course of studies at the University of Paderborn:

If the visited course is not identical with the new course of studies the procedure is equal to the crediting of performances gained at another university. If the visited course is identical to a course of the new course of studies, you do not need a sign of the person in charge of the module. In this case, the request for crediting can be submitted directly to the Audit Committee. Please do not forget to sign the document and to mark the new course of studies.


You achieved your performances at another German University:
For an enrolment the equivalence of your Bachelor’s to the Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Paderborn needs to be checked. Therefore, you need to make a request on examining the equivalence at the Audit Committee. You need to add the following documents to the request:

  • An equivalence test WING-ET or WING-MB for the Master course of studies. (Please fill out the document on your own as far as possible).
  • A certified proof of performance of your Bachelor’s Degree.
  • A proof of an internship (e.g. internship, training, practical term) of a scope of at least 6 weeks.
  • Your graduate certificate (you may also hand it in later).

Further information on enrolment requirements can be found in the latest  Exam regulations of the Master course of studies. In case of any questions concerning the request, the Course guidance may help you. In case of questions concerning the practical internship the internship office is responsible.

After your request has been checked, you will receive a written notification with the examination result. Please notice that even a positive result does not automatically authorize an enrolment. Information on further enrolment requirements can be found under  Matriculation / Enrolment.

Assignments for Bachelor- or Master theses are hand out solely by responsible professors. Companies or other extern institutions cannot offer but suggest theses. If you intend to write your thesis in a company or another extern institution, you need to obtain permission of your responsible (PO: "examiner") and to coordinate the assignment and modalities with him. If your examiner confirms the supervision via the usual application form, the Audit Committee will approve according to the needed requirements of §15 (2) PO WING-Bachelor / WING-Master. The examiner, and not the company, will grade your thesis. If you write your thesis without the mentioned confirmation, you will take the risk of not getting it approved.

If you are enrolled for the bachelor’s degree programme Industrial Engineering at the University of Paderborn you may perform early exams from the master’s degree course if the following requirements are fulfilled:

Without limitations:

- Bachelor Industrial Engineering, all modules of the in-depth studies are completed ant the bachelor’s thesis is registered.

With limitations:  

- Bachelor Industrial Engineering, who have no more than 2 modules incomplete from their in-depth studies and also registered the bachelor’s thesis. This regulation is only valid for the semester in which the process time of the bachelor’s thesis ends.

In case you want to absolve master exams early, please send a Request to the Audit Committee.

IMPORTANT!!! Even if you do master exams beforehand, you do neither have any right on enrolment to the master’s degree course nor on special exam regulations. An enrolment to the master course of studies needs to be done in time at the Registrar’s Office. Then, the course guidance/ corresponding professor decides if the exams you already did are credited or not.

Please contact the Intership Office.

In this case please contact the Paul-Support.