Gen­er­al Ques­tions

What are the entrance requirements for the course of studies WING in Paderborn?

  • Graduation diploma (Abitur)
  • general or specialized entrance qualification for higher education

general or specialized entrance qualification for higher education in combination with an individual assessment by the responsible audit committee, proof of general education and professional competence. The course guidance will provide further information (see contact to the Student Advisors).


The Course of studies WING (Bachelor) only starts with the winter term. An orientation week takes place mid October.

The Course of studies WING (Master) begins in winter- and summer term.

The standard study period for the bachelor’s degree course takes 6 semesters and 4 semesters for the Master’s degree course.

In the basic studies of the bachelor’s degree programe engineering courses are the majority. The ratio is about 3:1. The in-depth studies can be designed individually because the various options you have to design it. You will have a balance between engineering and industrial management areas.

No. Especially in the field of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering you do not need to worry about crowded lecture halls as these are overcrowded only rarely.

In general the internship of 12 weeks is a requirement for the Bachelor’s Degree. However, various reasons may allow students to do it only partially before they start their studies. You will need to fill out a document. Reasons can be insufficient time since you decided to study, unsuccessful efforts getting an internship or illness. In these cases you need to have done the internship not later than to the start of your bachelor’s thesis. Further information to internship regulations can be found on the pages of the Intership Office.

The application documents have to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office until mid July. Matriculation deadlines 2008/2009 of the Course of studies Industrial Engineering can be found in the letter of admission. Further information on enrolment can be found on the pages of the Registrar´s Offices.

As the University of Paderborn is a rather manageable Campus University, it is characterized by rather ‘personal’ relationships between professors, lecturers and students.

No, there is no short-term course of studies WING. We offer full-time studies WING Bachelor, with 6 semesters and WING Master wits 4 semesters.

No, the course of studies WING does not require a practical semester. However, you need to do an internship of 12 weeks.

You may always contact the Studienberatung of Industrial Engineering.